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Newsletter 01/2019
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• With clamps the difference lies in the detail!
• Powerful and rigid clamping
• Powerful and elastic clamping
• Clamp it with a little bit of strength
• Even safer clamping up to five times faster
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With clamps the difference lies in the detail!
Dear Sir or Madam,

the new year is already in full swing and everyday life got us under control again. Maybe this year there will be the one or the other project for you and you would like to invest in the purchase of new clamps. But what should you look for so that the clamp also fits exactly to your requirements?
In today's newsletter, we show you the typical properties of malleable cast iron screw clamps as well as various all-steel screw clamps and make clear what exactly makes the difference. One thing is certain - no matter which BESSEY clamp you choose - all are characterized by ease of operation and ergonomics, precision and longe sevice life.
Enjoy reading
Your BESSEY Team

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Powerful and rigid clamping
The unrivalled classic –
Malleable cast iron screw clamps TG series

Here both the upper and lower sections of the TG series of the original malleable cast iron screw clamps are produced from high-quality malleable iron and reinforced by shafts. This makes the clamp not only special in its design and gives them better mechanical properties. On the one hand this makes the clamp rigid and allows a rapid build-up of clamping force with just a few rotations of the spindle. On the other hand the shaft profile further reinforces, which pays off especially with oblique clamping (torsion). An unmistakable feature of the original BESSEY malleable cast iron screw clamps TG is the high-quality hollow profile rail with 6 serrations, which prevents the clamp from slipping off. Maximum safety is also provided with the integrated BESSEY anti-slip system, when clamping with a throat depth of 80 mm or more. A set screw that is moulded into the sliding arm interlocks with the serration on the rail, which prevents the clamp from dislodging or the lower part slipping away unwantedly.
The unrivalled classic is therefore ideally suited for all applications that require powerful and rigid clamping, such as the gluing of solid wood. When applying the clamping force, the user immediately feels the resistance and thus knows exactly how much the clamp has to be tightened in order for it to be firmly attached. Depending on the version, up to 6,000 N clamping force is possible.

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Powerful and elastic clamping
The evolution of the classic –
All-steel screw clamps of the GZ series

Compared to clamps with cast brackets, these clamps offer a considerably lower weight with higher stability and flexibility at the same time. Their fixed bracket with integrally formed pressure plate is forged from one piece, tempered and galvanised. This allows the special resilient property of the all-steel screw clamp to be achieved, which offers the user the following benefits: On the one hand, the spindle can be rotated more often than usual with malleable cast iron screw clamps until the desired clamping force is achieved. This allows the pressure to be perfectly matched to the requirements of the workpiece. On the other hand, all-steel screw clamps are less sensitive to vibrations than rigidly clamping malleable cast iron clamps. Vibrations can be partially absorbed and the clamps do not have to be tightened so quickly.
With their patented rail profile, BESSEY GZ series all-steel screw clamps are not only visually different from competitor models. With a clamping force of up to 6,000 N, it makes them even stronger. The clamps can also be clamped more quickly because they build up 20% more clamping force per spindle rotation. The force during the clamping process is transferred to the rail in a straight line thanks to the forged sliding arm with its extremely stable U-shape. This guarantees maximum safety.

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Clamp it with a little bit of strength
The very special all-steel screw clamp –
OMEGA screw clamp GMZ

It is one of the all-steel screw clamps and therefore clamps powerfully and resiliently. But there's even more to it – thanks to its special design: a fixed bracket whose “corner” resembles the letter Omega from the Greek alphabet. This special clamp thus offers maximum flexibility and safety during daily workshop activities.
The patented Omega bend offers several benefits to clamp users: On the one hand, the spring travel of the clamp is increased. Vibrations that occur during workpiece machining, for example due to the use of power tools, are absorbed so that the clamping force of the clamp is retained even if there are severe vibrations. The increase in pressure or reduction per spindle rotation is significantly lower than with comparable cast-iron or all-steel screw clamps. On the other hand, the omega bend enables perfect clamping in the corner, as the rail does not hit the edge. This allows users to gain any missing millimetres in the throat depth and avoid accidental crushing of the corner when tightening the clamp.
Furthermore, less force is required for clamping and the clamping pressure can be adjusted very finely up to 5,000 N to the workpiece that is to be machined, which is particularly important for delicate surfaces.

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Even safer clamping up to five times faster
The fast and safe all steel clamp –
Lever clamp GH

It has a locking mechanism with a toothed segment, similar to a ratchet. High clamping forces can be achieved rapidly and with little effort. A total of up to 8,500 N is possible. The powder-coated lever arm is ergonomically shaped. The plastic-coated non-slip release mechanism provides a secure hold as you remove the clamp. The lever clamp GH from BESSEY is easy to use and allows clamping five times faster than with conventional spindle clamps. This pays off in daily workshop and construction site operations, especially if multiple clamps have to be set and released again.
The multi-stage ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, controlled, almost 100% vibration-free clamping. The clamping pressure is finely adjustable and therefore gentle on the material. Furthermore, the optimised profile shape with greater reserves of force enables a more even application of force – especially under full utilisation of clamping width. With its eccentric made of sintered steel, which permanently prevents friction and thus wear, the lever clamp is very durable. It almost goes without saying that the fixed and sliding brackets are quenched and tempered.

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