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Newsletter 07/2018
Read in this issue…
• Projects made easy with parallel clamps
• Project 4 – Service cabinet
• Proven tools reissued
• Project 5 – Wooden toy locomotive
• BESSEY live experience
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Projects made easy with parallel clamps
Dear Sir or Madam,

in our last newsletter we have already showed you three projects with BESSEY tools in action, which were submitted to us as part of a project competition sweepstake in facebook in May. Based on these project presentations, we were able to show you practical application possibilities of our versatile clamping tools.
Projects with BESSEY parallel clamps were also submitted to the competition. These works as well as numerous posts in various social media channels illustrate how popular these practical helpers are. Therefore, we would like to submit two more parallel clamp projects to you and show you what makes these clamping tools so special and what advantages they give to the user.
Enjoy reading!
Your BESSEY-Team

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Project 4 – Service cabinet
Service cabinet for order in the workshop –
with energetic support of our K Body REVOs

For the project "service cabinet" we got the following description: "Good organisation of the workplace is a very important part of our daily work in carpentry. We started a series of changes in our wood workshop and started with the first cabinet body with drawers. All cabinets are made from 18 mm birch plywood. I used BESSEY tools for the job because they are the best I've ever worked with." There's also a video showing the construction of the service cabinet.
For the construction of the service cabinet, BESSEY K Body REVO parallel clamps KR – the predecessor model of our KRE version newly launched last year – were used. Both old and new K Body REVO parallel clamp designs are universally applicable thanks to their extra large contact surfaces – even behind and to the side of the rail. This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach.
The large clamping surfaces arranged perpendicular to the rail have three removable and glue-resistant pressure caps. They protect sensitive surfaces as well as the two attachable, along the rail movable workpiece supports. These prevent the direct contact of the corrugated steel rail to the workpiece.
Find out more about the special features of the current K Body REVO parallel clamp assortment from BESSEY by reading further or here in the brochure.

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Proven tools reissued
That's all in it –
in the evolution of the K Body REVO parallel clamp

A year ago, the K Body REVO parallel clamps were given further product benefits with the design revision. For example, the new KRE parallel clamp model with up to 8,000 N clamping force has more power than its predecessor. This is made possible by the metal-reinforced plastic housing and the optimised sliding arm. A double slide protection holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm in the unclamped condition. In addition, the innovative K Body parallel clamp version has an ergonomically formed 2-component symmetrical plastic handle with hexagon socket.
Like the predecessor model the new version KRE is available in clamping widths ranging from 30 cm up to 2.5 m. From one metre clamping width on there is also a vario version KREV with an infinitely adjustable upper part that can be moved at the press of a button. When it is positioned in the centre of the workpiece, the weight can be well distributed. A tilting of the workpiece can be avoided.
Irrespective of whether you choose the variant with the fixed or variable head, both models are equipped with an end stop that can be removed without the need for tools. As a result, removing the sliding arm from the rail and repositioning it for an extension application is very straightforward.
The clever accessories are also compatible with the new generation and pave the way for many other potential applications. For example, by using the KBX extension, two clamps can be cleverly combined in order to increase the clamping width up to a maximum of 5 m. For clamping at non-right angles, the KR-AS tilting adapter is available. It can be easily slid onto the clamping jaws and is infinitely adjustable within a tilting range of 30°. The K Body REVO clamp has a practical extra feature for clamping frames: the variable frame press KP. It consists of four 90° angles. It can be used to custom-adjust the clamping pressure by inserting two clamps per corner. Thanks to the TK6 table clamps the clamps with workpiece supports can be attached to a workbench without much effort.
The complete video concerning the evolution of the K Body REVO parallel clamp can be found here.

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Project 5 – Wooden toy locomotive
Wooden toy locomotive for the whole family –
with practical support of BESSEY tools

The submitter of the project "wooden toy locomotive" described his work with these words: "When I saw an old rolling pin, the idea of making a locomotive for my son for his second birthday came to me. The rolling pin has been rebuilt into a boiler, the rest is made of bars. The chassis also consists of two glued bars, which I then worked with the router. The wheels are cut out of multiplex and connected with round rods as axles. Finally, everything was sanded and treated with hardwax oil. Since not a single screw was used in the locomotive but everything is glued, the screw clamps and spring clamps from BESSEY were a real help."
Apart from handy BESSEY clamps, such as the lightweight die-cast zinc screw clamp LM with break-proof, black-coated die-cast zinc and the spring clamp Clippix XC out of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, we also used our lightweight parallel clamp UK UniKlamp to build the wooden toy locomotive. Like the large K Body REVO parallel clamp KRE, the small version UK has parallel clamping surfaces with extra large contact surfaces, which allow clamping and spreading of various shapes around the rail. Compared to the parallel clamp REVO, however, the UK version is perfect for machining smaller workpieces that do not require that much clamping force. It is available in 16, 30 or 60 cm clamping width with 8 cm throat depth each and achieves up to 1,500 N clamping force. Thanks to the brackets made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is extremely durable and gentle in use.

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BESSEY live experience
International Dates
22.08.-25.08.2018 IWF, Atlanta, USA
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16.11.2018 Riedt GmbH, Mosbach
16.11.-19.11.2018 Hefele GmbH & Co. KG, Plattling
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