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Newsletter 10/2017
Read in this issue…
• BESSEY's colourful autumn mix
• BESSEY toggle clamps on multifunction tables
• NEW: BESSEY toggle clamps in systainer
• 44. World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017
• 50 years "Big in Japan"
• If it comes down to the right snips
• BESSEY live experience
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BESSEY's colourful autumn mix
Dear Sir or Madam,

when the temperatures become cooler and the discoloring leaves show us a wonderful play of colours, than autumn is in full swing.
In keeping with the colorful season we have compiled a colourful mix of interesting topics in our newsletter for you. From useful BESSEY toggle clamp sets to the WorldSkills Abu Dhabi, a report on the 50 year partnership with Japan, to sleek helpers for any handicrafts – even for Halloween.
Enjoy reading and have a colourful autumn!

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BESSEY toggle clamps on multifunction tables
Quickly brought into position –
with the appropriate toggle clamp accessory

BESSEY toggle clamps of the larger version that have horizontal base plates and a borehole in the centre of the base plate can now be used on multifunction tables such as the Festool MFT and also the Sortimo WorkMo.
For that you just need the three-part accessory STC-SET-T20 which consists of knurled nut, cylindrical screw and lock pin. Equipped with the lock pin the toggle clamp can be used on multifunction tables with a 20 mm hole diameter and a surface thickness between 19 mm (minimum) and 25 mm (maximum) and the toggle clamp is secured from below using the knurled nut to firmly attach to the table.
In addition to the accessory STC-SET-T20 all toggle clamps, which are suitable for the use on multifunction tables, are also available in combination with an adapter:
- Horizontal toggle clamp STC-HH50-T20 /-HH70-T20
- Vertical toggle clamp STC-VH50-T20
- Push/pull clamp STC-IHH25-T20
Here you can find a quick overview as well as the right toggle clamp versions.
Moreover we have a great video from Thomas Becker, who shows the extensive use of the toggle clamps with the adapter on his workbench.

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NEW: BESSEY toggle clamps in systainer
Perfectly equipped for on-the-go –
with the BESSEY toggle clamp systainer

Brandnew there is the toggle clamp systainer STC-S-MFT with wooden fixture incl. 20 mm-hole (13/16") and three clamping options, which is ideal for installation technicians. The systainer includes four horizontal toggle clamps and two push/pull clamps as well as two all-steel table clamps and six adapters for the use of toggle clamps on multifunction tables.
The fully equipped systainer is available at an extremely attractive price from your specialist dealer. More information can be found here.

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44. World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017
The best of the best in competition –
young professionals showed their skills

From October 15 to 18 this year's WorldSkills took place in Abu Dhabi. Over 1200 participants from 58 different countries and regions competed in 51 professional disciplines – all with the same objective: to become world champion!
As an official tool sponsor of the four disciplines cabinet making, joinery, carpentry and construction metal work BESSEY was on site and also presented its wide range of clamping and cutting tools to the interested public. During the competition days, many exciting impressions could be won and the emotions were experienced up-close.
Most of the medals were won by the countries of China (place 1), Korea (place 2) and Switzerland (place 3) as winners of the four-day competition. All results in detail can be found here.
Congratulations to all participants!

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50 years "Big in Japan"
mutual success story within the japanese market

Big in Japan – not only a song performed by Alphaville, but also a success story of BESSEY Tool within the japanese market: The partnership agreement between DAIDO KOGYO and BESSEY & SOHN was signed by the end of 1967. Now, 50 years later DAIDO KOGYO Japan and BESSEY Tool Germany had the opportunity to celebrate their business partnership of 50 years, which has always been based on reliability and trust. The official celebration took place on 31st August 2017 in Osaka. Carsten Spang (Director Tool Division & Member of the Management Board) and Ernst-Otto Muhl (Global Export Manager) participated in this event and spent a wonderful evening at DAIDO KOGYO!
The employees of DAIDO KOGYO are the ones which make our cooperation so successful! BESSEY Tool would herewith like to thank the whole DAIDO-team for all their efforts during the last 50 years and is very much looking forward to a successful collaboration further on.

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If it comes down to the right snips
Happy Halloween –
time for scary silhouettes

You would like to create an eerily beautiful atmosphere on Halloween? In our ERDI cutting tool range you can find beside many high-performance tin snips also a comprehensive range of multi-purpose cutters as well as household and multi-purpose shears.
Of course you can also use these practical helpers for your handicrafts – for cutting soft materials such as cardboard, fabrics, paper and thin sheets. Here we have a small extract of this special snips offer:
Our multi-purpose cutter D48A-2 has blades made of rust-proof stainless steel, an ergonomically-shaped plastic handle with a soft material insert and a smooth lock that can be operated with just one hand. The Multisnip Master D51A enables long, straight cuts as well as large radii. For both snips, the cutting edge is angled whereby the hand is guided over the material and the risk of injury is reduced. The multi-purpose shears D820 and the robust Industrial and professional shears D860 are available with a total length of 250 mm. They ensure comfortable working with their oblong and round handle loops.
Here we have found templates for Halloween for you.
In this sense: Happy Halloween and lot of fun with doing handicrafts!

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BESSEY live experience
International Dates
06.-.09.11.2017 FABTECH, Chicago, USA
06.-10.11.2017 BATIMAT, Paris, France
07.-10.11.2017 Mitex, Moskau, Russia
17.11.-19.11.2017 North of England Wood Show, Harrogate, England
26.11.-29.11.2017 The Big 5, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In-house exhibitions, Germany
27.10.-29.10.2017 Hans Papenbroock GmbH & Co. KG, Rellingen
10.11.2017 R. Pöppel GmbH & Co. KG, Memmingen
10.11.+11.11.2017 Adam Berkel GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda
10.11.-12.11.2017 Dr. Keller Maschinen GmbH, Freiburg
10.-12.11.2017 Hüllinghorst Maschinenhandel GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld
16.11.-18.11.2017 Fritz Weg GmbH & Co. KG, Eschenburg
17.11.+18.11.2017 Hefele GmbH & Co. KG, Plattling
18.+19.11.2017 Die Werkzeugprofis Werkzeughandels-GmbH, Regensburg
01.12.+02.12.2017 Lutz GmbH, Gersthofen
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