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Newsletter 10/2018
Read in this issue…
• Exciting hints for the supreme discipline mitres
• Band clamp BAN700 with BVE
• Angle clamps WS, WSM and SM10
• Framing set KP
• Mitre clamping system MCX
• Blog post "clamping mitres“
• BESSEY live experience
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Exciting hints for the supreme discipline mitres
Dear Sir or Madam,

for our October newsletter we got the inspiration from a great blog post. The topic is "clamping mitres". That's why today we present you BESSEY clamping tools that help you master this challenge perfectly.
But that's not enough. These special tools are even more about, according to the motto "BESSEY. Simply better". What exactly? Discover it by yourself!
In this sense, enjoy reading.
Your BESSEY-Team

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Band clamp BAN700 with BVE
A perfect duo –
for clamping on both sides

Clamping curves, polygonal connections and closed contours are traditionally some of the most difficult clamping jobs. With the BAN700 and the included vario corners BVE BESSEY offers a perfect duo for all those situations where gentle, non-warping, all-round clamping is needed.
Especially when clamping mitres the vario corners BVE are an optimal support. Applied at the corners, they prevent direct contact between the band and the workpiece, which keeps leaking glue away from the band. In addition, they ensure that the workpiece does not shift by making sure a consistent pressure on the mitres. But not only right angles can be easily clamped. The swiveable pressure plates of the BVE also allow stepless angle adjustment from 60° to 180°.

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Angle clamps WS, WSM and SM10
Special tools –
for precise clamping at right angles

For holding, fixing and aligning workpieces at right angles, both the angle clamp WS and the metal angle clamp WSM are perfectly suited. Latter has been especially developed for use in steel construction, welding and metalworking, With both, T-joints can be easily fixed and even workpieces of different thickness can be aligned exactly at right angles.
For light clamping work there is the angle clamp WS1, which can also clamp variously-sized workpieces. In addition, there is a welding clamp set SM10, which is a clamping aid for components of different thicknesses at any chosen angle.

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Framing set KP
A practical extra –
to K Body REVO parallel clamps

For example, when it comes to the construction of drawers, boxes or rectangular frames and K Body REVO parallel clamps are already in use, the variable frame press set KP provides outstanding support. Because it consists of four angles of 90°, whereby the clamping pressure with two inserted clamps per corner is separately adjustable.

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Mitre clamping system MCX
Helpful accessories –
for classic clamps

For right-angled glued joints or acute and obtuse angled constructions, there is the mitre clamping system MCX for malleable cast iron screw clamps TG, all-steel screw clamps GZ and GMZ as well as one-handed clamps EHZ, EZS and DUO. This allows a consistent pressure on the mitre and includes tool-free adapter that allow angles from 22.5° to 60°.

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Blog post "clamping mitres“
Tips and tricks –
for the supreme discipline of gluing

You will find many of the mentioned BESSEY tools in use at the exciting blog post “clamping mitres" by Michael Hild. It is worth to take a look.

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BESSEY live experience
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